FTC Charity, Inc.

Spreading the Word; NOT the Disease!

Fall Quarter  BEGINS:
01 Sept. 2019! 

Pay only $3645
if paid-in-full BEFORE 
18 August 2019

Schedule & Practicum

Course Instruction (CI) consists of 7, 6 hour weeks with classes on Mon, Wed, & Fri. At least 80% participation is required for this portion of the course.

Practical Instruction (PI) consists of 5, 15 hour weeks with classes on Mon-Fri. 100% participation is mandatory for this portion of the course.

Certification Outline:

CI - Introduction to Holstic Wellness

CI - Socio-Enlightenment

CI/PI - Applied Integrative Healing Modalities

PI - Application of Herbs and Various Healing Oils.

Pay only $3645
if paid-in-full BEFORE 
18 August 2019!

The HWS Certification:

Students will become a certified Holistic Wellness Specialist. The Instructor is a Doctor of Public Health and follows the format of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The certification focus' on the following 8 core principals:

  1. History and Philosophy of Holistic Health.
  2. The Science of Holistic principles as a system of self-development and internal discipline.
  3. Body composition and spiritual anatomy.
  4. The principles and orientation of stress and dis-ease.
  5. *Healing Modalities*: Touch Therapy, Entreprenueral Innovation & Community Building, Natural Hair Care, Midwifery, Mental Wellness through the Traditional African Spiritual System of IFA, or Traditional Indigenous Gullah Geechee Family Values & Natural Remedy.
  6. Nutrition 
  7. Consulting, Legal Terms, & Regulations
  8. Business Management & Finance

* The 'Healing Modality' is selected by the student as their educational concentration.*

Tuition Fee Includes:

  1. How to Purify the Home, Mind, Body, & Spirit: Holistic Wellness through Introspect. (text)
  2. #9MindsOfSelf: 10 Weeks of Energy Healing & Balancing (text)
  3. Visual Anatomy Reference Cards
  4. Nutritional Reference Guide
  5. Essential Oil Practical Set
  6. Herbal Practical Set
  7. Chakra Crystal Practical Set
  8. Business Management. (Templates & Presentation)

$4645 P
ay only $3645
if paid-in-full BEFORE 
18 August 2019!

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Our HWS Certification

can be paid for online or by phone.


Holistic Wellness Specialist Certification

About our online HWS designation:

It is our belief that holistic health and healing practices can improve the quality of life for patients. This positively intimate and uplifting art can nourish and recharge the soul and produce a more meaningful life! FTC Charity, Inc. strives to uplift our low income communities. In this effort, we have aligned our certification requirements with those of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Allowing us to offer quality professional training to those in need and thus, making our 2 year, HWS certification affordable, attainable, and accessible to all demographics.

This 12 week course is comprised of 7 weeks (42 hours) of course instruction and 5 weeks (75 hours) practical instruction. A total of 116 instructional hours plus a 1 hour exam.  

What are some benefits to becoming an HWS?

  • Professional recognition for one's academic preparation and professional competency in holistic wellness
  • A professional specialty certificate
  • A one-year practitioner membership in the American Holistic Health Association
  • Networking opportunities
  • Entry in to our HWS referral database
  • Continued Education opportunities
  • Additional opportunities for professional growth and personal development.

Qualified Individuals:

  • have demonstrated excellence in their careers and in their academic preparation
  • are professionally engaged in the field of wellness, and
  • are dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of others
  • are 18 years of age or older.

Course Requirements:
  • reliable internet access
  • telecommunication abilities
  • updated and working email address
  • reliable home mailing address (we will NOT mail to PO boxes)
  • participation in at least 80% of course instruction.
  • participation in 100% of practical instruction.
  • achieve 85% accuracy in the final exam.

For more information regarding a partial scholarship, apprenticeship, or fellowship, eMail: