The 3rd Edition of the Reproductive Justice Initiative Report & Training is now PUBLISHED!

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A Sexually Transmitted Infection Awareness Site!

The purpose of this website is to provide you with information regarding the prevention, symptoms and current events of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.  Please feel free to browse this site to learn about the "For the Cause STI Awareness Charity" and how you can become apart of our Fight for the Cause.

What is the "Fight"? 

The "Fight" is against the promotion and expectancy of irresponsible casual intercourse among our youth.  Rarely is abstinence or celibacy encouraged.  This has proven to be devastating.  While risky behavior is promoted and expected, the education on how to protect and prevent oneself from sexually transmitted diseases and infections is not. This is a toxic state of mind and FTC Charity, Inc. promotes positive and healthly living while encouraging more responsible and preventative life style choices.

What is the "Cause"? 

The "Cause" is for the promotion of education and prevention of life threatening sexually transmitted diseases and infections.  Also to raise funds for AIDS research and awareness.

How can you help Fight for the Cause? 

-Review this site and use the information provided in your every day lifestyle along with sharing the information with friends and family. "Each one, Teach one". Our "The Rapper" page is a blog that has updated information on the current events of STD's & STI's". Check this place out to stay up to date and informed. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions.

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